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"Vibrant Skies" Exhibit by Jeff White in Seattle

Swing by Cole Gallery in Edmonds, WA and check out my exhibit, "Vibrant Skies." This is run by one of my good friends, Denice, who has a wonderful knowledge of quality art. The exhibit features a combination of my pieces with a few of them being pastels and the majority being oils. There is a total of 18 paintings on display and the exhibit will run from January 19th until February 13.

"Ethereal and majestic, Jeff White brings a stunning array of landscape paintings reminiscent of the Hudson River School painters. White states, "Throughout life's journey, we encounter rivers, valleys, shadows, daybreaks and storms. We move from calm serenity through turbulent storms only to return back to a peaceful state with a deeper understanding of ourselves. My paintings reflect these moments as expressed by nature as relationship between these external and internal forces."

Check out one of my featured pieces, "Summer Drift" below.

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