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"Transitions" Show at Gallery 903 on Display through December

"A Walk Through the Mountains and Mist" 64" X 80"

It's only fitting that I name my upcoming show "Transitions" - it's been a few years of constant transition for me. Starting in the fall of 2015, with the sale of the building where I've had my art studio for the past 15+ years (and then realizing that Portland is a hot market with little to no real estate for artists...), to then selling our home, then renting a home big enough for my temporary studio, to finally buying a small farm in St. Helens, Oregon and getting a real studio back up and running. My new home and studio is a small slice of heaven, and incredibly inspirational.

It's felt so good to finally get settled after so much chaos over the past two years. As always, nature is what has kept me grounded. I am surrounded by it now, all day, everyday. And of course, capturing the emotion of the experience through my paintings has always been my passion. This body of work is more mystical or spiritual in nature for me - an evolution and an expression of a journey, and a slow awakening and understanding of the next leg in the journey that lies ahead. I try to create and capture through my paintings the emotions of the uncertainty, the challenges and finally the arrival of a sense of peace through color, light and vibration.

I am excited to show this new body of work. The show will be kicked off at the artist reception on First Thursday at Gallery 903 in the Pearl district in Portland, Oregon. It will be on display through the end of December. There are 15 new paintings, ranging from small studies to my larger oils. To see them all, click here.

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